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Fig. 1

From: CCL2/CCL5 secreted by the stroma induce IL-6/PYK2 dependent chemoresistance in ovarian cancer

Fig. 1

a. At D-1, MSC were plated on a transwell and ovarian cancer cells (OCCs) on a well itself. At D0, MSC and OCCs were put in contact. At D2 the chemotherapy were added for 24 h. At D3, cells were harvested for analysis. b. MSC were treated with Carboplatin (200 μM) or with a combination of Carboplatin (200 μM) and Taxol (0.1 μM or 1 μM) for 24 h. MSC were stained with PI and Annexin V, percentage of live cells (Annexin V/PI, green gate), apoptotic cells (Annexin V+, PI, red gate) and dead cells (Annexin V+/PI+, black gate) are represented for each conditions. c. After the experiment described in A., cells were counted using trepan blue. Histograms represent the ratio of living cells when treated with chemotherapy (100 μM carboplatin, 0.1 μM Taxol) divided by the number of living untreated cells. Mean (±SEM) of 3 different experiments. p < 0.05 (*), p < 0.01 (**) or p < 0.001 (***)

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