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Table 2 Ongoing studies with crizotinib

From: Function of the c-Met receptor tyrosine kinase in carcinogenesis and associated therapeutic opportunities

NCT Number Combination Drugs PHASES URL
NCT00932451 Drug: PF-02341066 Phase2
NCT00932893 Drug: PF-02341066 Phase3
Drug: Pemetrexed
Drug: Docetaxel
NCT01154140 Drug: treatment Phase3
Drug: treatment
NCT01685060 Drug: LDK378 Phase2
NCT01121575 Drug: PF-02341066 Phase1
Drug: PF-00299804
Drug: PF-02341066
Drug: PF-00299804
NCT00965731 Drug: Erlotinib Phase1
Drug: PF-02341066
NCT02435108 Drug: crizotinib Phase2