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Table 1: Role of miRNAs and lncRNAs in the regulation of RTK signaling

From: Receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) in breast cancer: signaling, therapeutic implications and challenges

Serial No. Molecule miRNA/lncRNA Target RTK pathway Pathological function
1 MiR-26a/b miRNA EGFR (ErbB2) Regulates expression of ErbB2; competes with HuR for binding to its 3’UTR in tamoxifen-resistant ER+ breast cancer [95]
2 MiR-34a miRNA EGFR (ErbB2) Downregulates expression of ErbB2 [96]
3 MiR-155 miRNA EGFR (ErbB2) Downregulates HDAC2, a transcriptional activator of ErbB2; binds directly to a regulatory sequence over the coding region of ErbB2 [97]
4 MiR-24 miRNA EGFR Regulates levels of phospho-EGFR by targeting phosphatases, PTPN9 and PTPRF [98]
5 MiR206 miRNA EGFR, MET Downregulates EGFR and c-MET [99]
6 H19/miR675 lncRNA/daughter miRNA EGFR, MET Stabilizes EGFR and c-MET by targeting c-Cbl and Cbl-b [100]
7 CYTOR lncRNA EGFR Regulates expression of EGFR pathway specific genes [101]
8 BCAR4 lncRNA ErbB2/3 BCAR4 enhances ErbB2/3 activity in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer [102]