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Fig. 4

From: Engineering chimeric antigen receptor-T cells for cancer treatment

Fig. 4

Programming and engineering of CAR-T cell therapy for precision cancer medicine. a Procedures of precision informatics and precision therapeutics for precision cancer medicine. Through advanced diagnostic technologies including “omics” technologies for more detailed understanding of tumor clones and the microenvironment, precision informatics can counteract the challenges of engineering optimal CAR-T cells, including cell trafficking and infiltration, proliferation and persistence, recognition and killing, remodeling the microenvironment and self-control regulation. As well, a higher order understanding can promote the design of CAR-T cell therapies for use in combination with other therapeutics approaches that target the microenvironment, such as antibodies, chemicals and cytokines. b The CAR-based circuits for logical programming include the “AND”, “NOT” and “OR”-Gated circuits, which provide improved recognition specificity through the integration of multiple antigens or combinational antigens. c Therapeutic programs for designing and engineering CAR-T cells to improve and optimize their functions include cell trafficking, proliferation and persistence, recognition and killing, remodeling microenvironment and self-control regulation

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