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Table 1 Summary of lncRNAs regulate cytoskeletons in cancer

From: LncRNAs regulate the cytoskeleton and related Rho/ROCK signaling in cancer metastasis

LncRNAs Cytoskeletons and associated protein Functions Refs
Dreh Intermediate filament Prevent cancer cell migration through changing the cytoskeleton structure and cell morphology [34]
LINC00152 F-actin LINC00152 affects F-actin by regulating the expression of GOLPH3 [41, 45]
LOC344887, CCAT2, HOTAIR Vimentin LOC344887, CCAT2 and HOTAIR regulate the expression of vimentin [32, 55, 57]
PTCSC2 MYH9 PTCSC2 binds MYH9 to regulate cytoskeleton [59]
GAS5 cofilin GAS5 suppressed glioma cell growth, migration and invasion by targeting miR-222. miR-222 induced cofilin dephosphorylation by silencing PLXNC1 gene [61]
UCA1 FSCN1 UCA1 promotes bladder cancer cell migration and invasion by the hsa-miR-145–ZEB1/2– FSCN1 pathway [66]