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Fig. 3

From: Circular RNAs function as ceRNAs to regulate and control human cancer progression

Fig. 3

circRNAs function as ceRNAs in the regulation of apoptosis in tumor cells. The expression of c-MYC affects apoptosis. One pathway consists of stabilizing p53 through ARF, whereas a second pathway involves a mechanism independent of the apoptotic pathway involving FasL and DNA damage [2]; the mechanism of kissing apoptosis involves the activation of the Bcl2-associated X protein (BAX), thereby promoting the release cytochrome C from mitochondria and triggering apoptosis. In this signaling pathway, circRNAs also function as ceRNAs. CircCCDC66 can promote apoptosis by inhibiting miR-93, thereby promoting the expression of c-MYC. However, circUBAP2 can control cancer by reducing Bcl-2 levels as a consequence of sequestering miR-143

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