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Fig. 2

From: Estrogen-induced miR-196a elevation promotes tumor growth and metastasis via targeting SPRED1 in breast cancer

Fig. 2

Silence of miR-196a reverses the tumor-promoting effects of E2 in ER+ BC cells. ER+ BC cells MCF7 and ER- BC cells MDA-MB-231 were cultured with estrogen-free medium for 72 h before treatment. The cells were transfected with the inhibitor (Anti-miR-196a) or control anti-sense RNA inhibitor (Anti-miR-NC). a, b These cells were seeded at 3000 cells/well in 96-well plates, then treated with 10 nM estradiol (E2) or ethyl alcohol (Eth). Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) Kit was used to detect cell vitality every 24 h. Data were presented as the means± SD from three independent experiments. ** indicates significant difference between Anti-miR-NC with E2 treatment (Anti-miR-196a + Eth) group and Anti-miR-NC without E2 treatment (Anti-miR-NC + Eth) group. $$ indicates significant difference between Anti-miR-196a + Eth group and Anti-miR-NC + Eth group. ## indicates significant difference between Anti-miR-196a + E2 group and Anti-miR-NC + E2 group. c, d The cells above were used to perform wound healing assay to analyze the ability of cell migration. ** indicates significant difference between indicated groups. e, f The cells above were used to perform Matrigel invasion assay using 10 mice per treatment. ** indicated significant difference between indicated groups

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