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Fig. 2

From: Met is involved in TIGAR-regulated metastasis of non-small-cell lung cancer

Fig. 2

TIGAR affects epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of lung cancer in vitro. (a) Image showed morphological changes of A549 cells stably knockdown TIGAR (x200 magnifications). (b) Real-time PCR analysis to qualify the endogenous levels of EMT-associated transcriptional factors (left) and markers (right) after being transfected with siTIGAR (or siNC as control) for 48h. (c) The immunofluorescence assay showed that TIGAR interference results in up-regulation of E-Cadherin and down-regulation of Vimentin (x200 magnifications). (d) H1299 cells transfected with Flag-TIGAR (or empty vector as control) for 48h. Western blot analysis determined the effect of TIGAR overexpression on mesenchymal marker Vimentin, N-Cadherin and epithelial marker E-Cadherin. β-tubulin was used as an internal control. (e-f) Western blot analysis to determine the protein levels of EMT markers in two lines of NSCLC cells that stably knockdown TIGAR

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