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Table 2 The targets of LncRNA in PC

From: Pathological bases and clinical impact of long noncoding RNAs in prostate cancer: a new budding star

LncRNA Target PC cells Reference(PMID)
PCEGM1 miR-145 LNCaP,PC3,DU145 25200485
H19 miR-675 P69, PC3, M12 24988946
HOTAIR miR-331-3p, PCR2 LNCaP,LAPC4 27794184
LncRNA PVT1 miR-146a LNCaP,PC3,DU145 27794184
LncRNA GAS5 miR-103 LNCaP,PC3,DU145 27743383
PCAT-1 miR-34a LNCaP,DU147 25425964
HOXD-AS1 WDR5 H3K4me3 PC3 28487115
UCA1 miR-204, ATF2 LNCaP,PC3,DU145 28337266
CTBP1-AS p53, CTD3BP1, SMA DU145 23644382
PCA3 miR-1261 LNCaP 27743381
SChLAP1 miR-198 LNCaP PC3 28492138