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Table 1 Inhibitors of epigenetic modifications for the treatment of ovarian cancer

From: Epigenetics in ovarian cancer: premise, properties, and perspectives

Classification Drug Target Phase Reference
HDACi Hydroxamic acid Trichostatin A(TSA) Class I and II HDAC families Preclinical [214]
Panobinostat(LBH589) Class I and II HDAC families Phase I [215, 216]
Belinostat(PXD101) Class I and II HDAC families Phase II [207, 208]
Short-chain fatty acid Valproic acid(VPA) Class I and IIa HDAC families Phase I and Phase III NCT00529022; NCT00533299
Cyclic peptide Romidepsin(FK288) Class I HDAC family Phase II NCT00091195(Terminated); NCT00085527(Withdrawn)
Benzamide Mocetinostat(MGCD0103) Class I HDAC family Preclinical [217]
HKMTi S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase inhibitor 3-Deazaneplanocin A(DZNEP) Polycomb group proteins Preclinical [209]
HDMTi Polyamine analog Polyamine analog LSD1 Preclinical [218]