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Table 3 microRNAs differentially expressed in PTC and their tissue of origin

From: Thyroid cancers of follicular origin in a genomic light: in-depth overview of common and unique molecular marker candidates

Up-regulation Localization Sample origin Down-regulation Localization Sample origin
let-7 19q13.41 serum miR-15a 13q14.2 tumor tissue
miR-31 9p21.3 miR-16 13q14.2, 3q25.33
miR-151-5p 8q24.3 miR-21 17q23.1 serum
miR-146b 10q24.32 plasma, tumor tissue miR-126 9q34.3 tumor tissue
miR-221 Xp11.3 miR-940 16p13.3
miR-222 Xp11.3    
miR-639 19p13.12 tumor tissue