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Fig. 6

From: Exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells enhance radiotherapy-induced cell death in tumor and metastatic tumor foci

Fig. 6

a Morphologic characterization of the extracellular vesicles released by MSC and MSC* precipitated by differential ultra-centrifugation. b Total protein concentration on the extracellular vesicles released by MSC and MSC*. c Protein concentration on the microvesicles and exosomes from MSC and MSC*. MSC or MSC* unfractioned conditioned medium reduced the surviving fractions of (d) A375 and (e) G361 cells. f Comparison between unfractioned conditioned medium from MSC and MSC* and of its exosomes on the A375 cell line. MSC conditioned medium (blue points) has been considered as the control as there is any statistical differences between MSC and growth media controls (data not shown). Differences are statistically significant between conditioned medium (P < 0.05) and exosomes (green points, P < 0.0001) from MSC and MSC*

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