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Fig. 2

From: LncRNA ANRIL regulates AML development through modulating the glucose metabolism pathway of AdipoR1/AMPK/SIRT1

Fig. 2

ANRIL regulates cell senescence and apoptosis by regulating the expression of AdipoR1 in AML. a Heat maps showed the most differentially expressed mRNAs (fold-change> 2.0) between sh-ANRIL and sh-NC samples. b GO analysis annotates the biological process and clusters the modules of genes.The top 40 cluster ranked by p value was shown. c qRT-PCR results for the expression of AdipoR1 in AML patients at diagnosis and remission, as well as in control samples, *p < 0.05. d Spearman correlation analysis indicated the considerably positive relationship between ANRIL and AdipoR1 expression in AML patients (Spearman r = 0.3184, p < 0.001). e The expression of AdipoR1 upon knockdown or overexpression of ANRIL in HL60 cells. f Knockdown of AdipoR1 can induce cell senescence in AML cells, ***p < 0.001. g Si-AdipoR1 blocked cell proliferation detected using CCK-8 and Edu assays in AML cells, ***p < 0.001. h Downregulated AdipoR1 enhanced ATO-induced cell apoptosis in AML cells, ***p < 0.001

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