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Table 1 Database about circRNAs

From: The novel roles of circRNAs in human cancer

Database Website Function Reference
Circbase CircBase merged and unified data sets of circRNAs and the evidence supporting their expression, and also provided scripts to identify known and novel circRNAs in sequencing data [61]
CIRCpedia v2 CIRCpedia contained comprehensive circRNA annotation from over 180 RNA-seq datasets across six different species [62]
DeepBase v2.0 DeepBase v2.0 annotated 14,867 human circRNAs [63]
CircRNADb CircRNADb provided the detailed information of the circRNA, including genomic information, exon splicing, genome sequence, IRES, ORF and references [64]
Circnet Circnet generated an integrated regulatory network that illustrated the regulation between circRNAs, miRNAs and genes [65]
Starbase v2.0 StarBase v2.0 systematically identified the RNA-RNA and protein-RNA interaction networks from 108 CLIP-Seq data sets generated by 37 independent studies [66]
CSCD CSCD predicted the microRNA response element sites, RNA binding protein sites and potential open reading frames for each circRNA [67]
CircInteractome CircInteractome searched public circRNA, miRNA, and RBP databases to provide bioinformatic analyses of binding sites on circRNAs and additionally analyzes miRNA and RBP sites on junction and junction-flanking sequences [68]
CirclncRNAnet CirclncRNAnet provided a “one-stop” resource for in-depth analyses of ncRNA biology [69]
ExoRBase ExoRBase provided annotation, expression level and possible original tissues about 58,330 circRNAs in human blood exosomes [70]
CircRNADisease CircRNA Disease provided experimentally supported circRNA and disease associations [71]