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Fig. 2

From: Long noncoding RNA Pvt1 regulates the immunosuppression activity of granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells in tumor-bearing mice

Fig. 2

Knockdown of Pvt1 alters the suppressive capacity of G-MDSCs in vitro. G-MDSCs sorted from tumor tissues were obtained from TB mice injected with cells transfected with 50 nM Pvt1 siRNA (si-Pvt1) or negative control (NC) siRNA (si-NC). a qRT-PCR confirmed the efficiency of transfection with si-Pvt1. b G-MDSCs were transfected with Pvt1 siRNA, and then, the cells were harvested after 6 h and cocultured with CD4+T cells at ratio of 1:1 in the presence of anti-CD3 mAb and anti-CD28 mAb for72 h. 3H-thymidine incorporation was used to detect T cells proliferation. c Arg1 activity in G-MDSCs transfected with si-Pvt1 was measured. d ROS production in G-MDSCs was analyzed via flow cytometry. **p < 0.01, and *p < 0.05; ns: no significance; Geo MFI: geometric mean fluorescent intensity

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