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Fig. 4

From: Novel lncRNA-IUR suppresses Bcr-Abl-induced tumorigenesis through regulation of STAT5-CD71 pathway

Fig. 4

Silencing murine lncRNA-IUR promotes Abl-mediated bone marrow cell (BMC) transformation and NS2 cell growth in vivo. a, The photo of lncRNA-IUR KD transgenic mice and their WT littermate. b, RT-PCR was performed to examine the lncRNA-IUR-m5 expression in multiple organs of lncRNA-IUR KD mice and WT mice. c, Survived clone number of Bcr-Abl-transformed BMCs from WT and KD mice were scored as described in Materials and Methods (n = 5; means ± SEM; **p < 0.01). d, Scheme of in vivo leukemia transplant into WT mice infusing GFP-positive NS2 cells expressing sh-IUR-m45678, sh-luc or equal volume of PBS. Three groups were labeled as sh-IUR-m45678, sh-luc, and MOCK. e, Bioluminescent imaging shown distribution of GFP-positive NS2 cells stably expressing sh-IUR-m45678 or sh-luc in WT mice at the 8th day after in vivo leukemia transplantation. MOCK group served as a negative control. Shown were representative images from at least three independent experiments with similar results. f, Ki67 expression in PBCs of WT mice at the 6th and 9th day after in vivo leukemia transplantation as indicated was examined by flow cytometry

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