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Fig. 1

From: Function and clinical relevance of RHAMM isoforms in pancreatic tumor progression

Fig. 1

RHAMMB, but not RHAMMA, is upregulated in human PNETs and promotes liver metastasis of mouse PNET cells. a Diagram of RHAMMA and RHAMMB proteins. b RHAMM is upregulated in 54 of 83 cases (65%) of human PNETs in immunohistochemical staining. Left: Normal pancreas with islets in dashed circle. Middle: RHAMM negative PNET. Right: RHAMM positive PNET. Original magnification: 20X. Scale bar, 50 μm. c RNA-seq analysis showed that RHAMMB is significantly upregulated compared to RHAMMA in primary human PNETs and liver metastases. The p value was calculated using two-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test. **: p < 0.0001, *: p < 0.05. Error bars represent standard error of mean. d Western blot analysis of human RHAMM in mouse N134 cell line (control), N134-RHAMMA cells, and N134-RHAMMB cells. e A total of 1 million N134 cells, N134-RHAMMA cells, or N134-RHAMMB cells were injected into the tail vein of NSG mice (n = 5 for each group). Five weeks later, the recipient mice were euthanized to survey for metastatic sites and incidence. Representative liver photos were shown

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