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Fig. 2

From: Function and clinical relevance of RHAMM isoforms in pancreatic tumor progression

Fig. 2

RHAMMB is crucial for metastatic potential of human PNET cell line, BON1-TGL. a RHAMMA and RHAMMB expression in BON1 cell line compared to those in normal islets. b RHAMMA and RHAMMB knockdown in BON1-TGL cell line by shRHAMM as determined by RT-qPCR analysis. c Western blot analysis of RHAMM and tubulin (as a loading control) in BON1-TGL-shLacZ cell line and BON1-TGL-shRHAMM cell line. d-e RHAMM knockdown greatly inhibited liver metastasis of BON1-TGL cells. A total of 0.5 million each BON1-TGL-shLacZ (control) or BON1-TGL-shRHAMM were injected into the spleen of NSG mice (n = 4 for each group). After 3 weeks, the recipient mice were euthanized to survey for metastatic sites and incidence. The number of liver macrometastases (d) and the tumor burden of liver macrometastases (e) were recorded. *: statistically significantly different (p < 0.05, one-tailed Mann-Whitney U test). Error bars represent standard deviation. f Liver sections with hematoxylin and eosin stain. Dashed circles indicate metastases. Original magnification: 10X. Scale bar, 1 mm. g RHAMMB overexpression in BON1-TGL-RHAMMB cell line. Western blot analysis of RHAMM and tubulin (as a loading control) are shown. h Representative bioluminescent images of NSG mice 4 weeks after injection (upper panel) and their organs (lower panel). A total of 1 million cells was injected into NSG mice via intracardiac injection (n = 7). i The tumor burden of macrometastases at adrenal glands was documented. *: statistically significantly different, p < 0.05, t-test

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