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Table 5 LncRNA biomarker for different cancers

From: Long non-coding RNAs in Oral squamous cell carcinoma: biologic function, mechanisms and clinical implications

LncRNA Ensembl ID Sequence Name
(Homo sapiens)
Biomarker in cancers Reference (PMID)
HOTAIR ENSG00000228630 hotair_hg_1 BrC, HCC, CoC, PaC, LuC, OC ([168], 26208723])
GAS5 ENSG00000234741 gas5_homosapiens_1 BrC, PrC, LuC, MPM ([36], 26634743])
MALAT1 ENSG00000251562 malat1_homosapiens_1 LuC, BlC, BrC, CeC, CoC, CoC, EnC ([114], 28837398])
CCAT1 ENSG00000247844 ccat1_hg_1 CoC, GasC, HCC, GalC, OC, BrC, LuC ([130], 27134049])
MEG3 ENSG00000214548 meg3_homosapiens_1 BlC, BMC, BrC, CeC, CoC, HCC, LuC, MC, PrC ([137], 22393162]
UCA1 ENSG00000214049 UCA1_hg_1 BlC, BrC, CoC, GasC, OC ([145], 26341664])
NEAT1 ENSG00000245532 neat1_homosapiens_1/2 LuC, EsC, LaC, CoC, HCC, PrC, BrC ([103], 28105699])
  1. BlC Bladder cancer, BMC Bone marrow cancer, BrC Breast cancer, CeC Cervical cancer, CoC Colorectal cancer, EnC Endometrial cancer, EsC Esophageal cancer, GalC Gallbladder cancer, GasC Gastric cancer, HCC Hepatocellular cancer, LaC Laryngeal cancer, LuC Lung cancer, , MPM Malignant pleural mesothelioma, MC Meninges cancer, OC Ovarian cancer, PaC Pancreatic cancer, PrC Prostate cancer