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Table 1 Summary of TAM receptor inhibitors in preclinical studies

From: Targeting Tyro3, Axl and MerTK (TAM receptors): implications for macrophages in the tumor microenvironment

TAM Targeting Drug (Drug Type) Target(s) Outcomes in cancer models
2,4-diaminopyrimidine-5-carboxamide analogs (Small molecule) Tyro3 Not reported.
“Compound 47” (Small molecule) Tyro3, IGF-1R, EphA2 Anti-cancer properties in HCC cell lines and xenograft models [158].
DP-3975 (Small molecule) Axl Anti-cancer properties in mesothelioma cell lines [131].
GL21.T (RNA aptamer) Axl Anti-cancer properties in a glioblastoma and a lung cancer cell line and mouse models [164].
Mer590 (Monoclonal antibody) MerTK Anti-cancer properties in lung cancer cell lines [157].
NPS-1034 (Small molecule) Axl, Met Anti-cancer properties in EGFR inhibitor resistant lung cancer cell lines and xenograft models [165].
Spiroindoline-based analogs (Small molecule) Tyro3 None reported.
UNC569 (Small molecule) MerTK, Axl, Tyro3 Anti-cancer properties in ALL and AML cell lines [146, 147].
UNC1062 (Small molecule) MerTK Anti-cancer properties AML cell lines [147].
UNC1666 (Small molecule) MerTK, Flt3 Reduces colony formation in AML cell lines [148].
UNC2025 (Small molecule) MerTK, Flt3 Anti-cancer properties in non-small cell lung cancer, leukemia and glioblastoma mouse models [152,153,154,155].
UNC 2250 (Small molecule) MerTK Anti-cancer properties in mantle cell lymphoma cell lines and mouse models [166].
UNC2541 (Small molecule) MerTK None reported.
YW327.6S2 (Monoclonal antibody) Axl Anti-cancer properties in lung and breast cancer mouse models [70].
  1. TAM receptor-specific targets are bolded