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Table 1 Key mediators in necroptosis and their key function

From: The role of necroptosis in cancer biology and therapy

Key Mediators Function in necroptosis Inhibitors Reference
RIP1 determining the survival or death of cell; recruiting and activating RIPK3 to form necrosome nec-1 [5, 14, 15]
RIPK3 interacting with RIPK1 to form necrosome; phosphorylating MLKL GSK843 and GSK872 [15, 16]
MLKL phosphorylated by RIPK3; oligomerized and translocated to plasma membrane to execute necroptosis NSA [16]
cIAP1/2 polyubiquitinating RIPK1 to induce NF-κB signaling smac mimetics [14, 19]
CYLD deubiquitinating RIPK1; promoting “Ripoptosome” formation; promoting necrosome formation [20]
caspase-8 cleaving RIPK1 and RIPK3 and activating apoptosis; inhibiting necrosome formation; cleaving CYLD to promote cell survival zVAD-fmk [21, 23, 24]