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Table 3 Compounds that induce necroptosis in cancer therapy

From: The role of necroptosis in cancer biology and therapy

Compounds and Agents Category Mechanisms of Necroptosis Induction Cancer Type Reference
Shikonin naphthoquinone ROS production; RIPK1/RIPK3 necrosome formation leukemia;
pancreatic cancer; glioma
[100, 104, 103, 105]
Staurosporine alkaloid RIPK1/MLKL dependent leukemia [106, 107]
Neoalbaconol albatrellus confluens extract autocrine secretion of TNFα; remodeling cellular energy metabolism nasopharyngeal carcinoma [108, 109]
Resibufogenin bufadienolide upregulating RIPK3 and MLKL protein colorectal cancer [110]
Radiotherapy radiation inhibition of caspase-8 activation thyroid cancer; adrenocortical cancer; colorectal cancer cells; glioblastoma [111]
5-FU chemotherapeutic agent TNF-α production; RIPK1 activation colorectal cancer [114]
B12536 polo-like kinase inhibitor leading to mitotic catastrophe prostate cancer [115]
Compound C AMP-activated protein kinase inhibitor Calpain/Cathepsin-mediated glioma [116]
Sorafenib multikinase inhibitor ROS production; RIPK1 activation multiple myeloma; Hodgkin’s lymphoma [117]
Aurora Kinase A Inhibitor Aurora Kinase Inhibitor facilitating necrosome activation pancreatic cancer [120]
TRAIL death receptor ligand TNFR1 signaling; RIPK1/RIPK3 dependent;ROS production colon cancer; liver cancer; pancreatic cancer [121, 122]
CD95L death receptor ligand CD95 signalling; regulation of cIAPs pancreatic cancer [123]
Oncolytic viruses virus exposure of immunogenic molecules glioma; ovarian cancer [124]
Hemagglutinating virus virus calcium-calmodulin kinase II dependent neuroblastoma [127]
Silver nanoparticles metal nanoparticle RIPK1/RIPK3/MLKL dependent pancreatic cancer [128]
Selenium nanoparticles metal nanoparticle RIPK1 dependent prostate cancer [131]
Smac mimetics IAP antagonist ROS production; cIAP inhibition; TNFα dependent leukemia; pancreatic cancer [132]
MG132 and bortezomib proteasome inhibitors RHIM-dependent leukemia [135]
Obatoclax Bcl-2 inhibitor Atg5-dependent necrosome assembly on autophagosomes rhabdomyosarcoma; ALL [136]
PolyI:C viral dsRNA analog RIPK3 dependent; TLR3/TLR4 activation cervical cancer; colon cancer [92]
ZZW-115 NUPR1 inhibitors inducing mitochondrial metabolism rupture pancreatic cancer [137]