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Table 1 Multiple functions exerted by m6A RNA methylation in various diseases

From: The role of m6A RNA methylation in human cancer

Disease Related targets M6A component Function Role in diseases Source of experimental evidence Regulation Year Refs
AML c-MYC, BCL2, PTEN METTL3 Writers oncogene HSPCs, AML MOLM-13 cells Up-regulation 2017 [70]
AML CEBPZ METTL3 Writers oncogene AML cells, immunodeficient mice Up-regulation 2017 [23]
AML MYB, MYC METTL14 Writers oncogene AML cell lines Up-regulation 2017 [68]
AML mTOR WTAP Writers oncogene 511 newly diagnosed AML patient samples, Ba/F3 cell line, AML cell lines Down-regulation 2014 [69]
AML ASB2, RARA FTO Erasers oncogene MONOMAC-6 and NB4 cells Down-regulation 2017 [67]
AML MYC, CEBPA FTO Erasers oncogene 27 human leukemia cell lines Up-regulation 2018 [24]
AML Tal1… YTHDF2 Readers anti- oncogene HSPCs, mouse… Down-regulation 2018 [72]
Bladder cancer AFF4, MYC METTL3 Writers oncogene Bladder cancer cell lines, mouse bladder cancer samples Up-regulation 2019 [44]
Breast cancer HBXIP METTL3 Writers oncogene 24 clinical tumor samples, MCF-7, MDA-MB-468 cells Up-regulation 2018 [78]
Breast cancer NANOG ALKBH5 Erasers oncogene BCSCs Up-regulation 2016 [79]
CRC WT1, TBL1 WTAP Writers oncogene 115 patient samples with CRC, colon cancer cell lines Down-regulation 2016 [81]
Endometrial cancer AKT… METTL3/14 Writers anti- oncogene Cancer samples, endometrial cancer cell lines, mice Down-regulation 2018 [66]
GBM ADAM19 METTL3/14 Writers anti- oncogene GSC, GSC-grafted mice Down-regulation 2017 [74]
GBM FOXM1 ALKBH5 Erasers oncogene GSCs Up-regulation 2017 [73]
HCC SOCS2 METTL3 Writers oncogene MHCC97L, Huh-7 and HepG2 cell lines, BABL/cAnN-nude mice Down-regulation 2017 [37]
HCC miR-126 METTL14 Writers anti-oncogene HepG2 cell Up-regulation 2017 [26]
HCC miR-145 YTHDF2 Readers oncogene clinical tissue, HepG2 cell line miR-145 suppresses YTHDF2 2017 [77]
HCC, AML… SRF… IGF2BP1 Readers oncogene HepG2, K562, hESCs cell lines… Up-regulation 2019 [16]
impaired fertility Uhrf1… ALKBH5 Erasers spermatogenesis HeLa cells, mouse testicular cells Up-regulation 2013 [14]
Lung cancer EGFR, TAZ METTL3 Writers oncogene Human lung cancer cell lines, HeLa, HEK293T cells Up-regulation 2016 [46]
NPC ZNF750, FGF14 METTL3 Writers oncogene NPC biopsy samples and cell lines Down-regulation 2018 [45]
Obesity SRSF2 FTO Erasers adipogenesis 3 T3-L1 cell Decreased RNA binding ability 2014 [28]
Pancreatic cancer RBM17… METTL3 Writers oncogene Pancreatic cancer cell lines Up-regulation 2018 [31]
  1. HSPCs hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, AML acute myeloid leukemia, GBM Glioblastoma, GSC glioblastoma stem cell, HCC hepatocellular cancer, CRC colorectal cancer, BCSCs Breast cancer stem cells, NPC Nasopharyngeal carcinoma