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Fig. 1

From: WTAP facilitates progression of hepatocellular carcinoma via m6A-HuR-dependent epigenetic silencing of ETS1

Fig. 1

Up-regulated WTAP expression is associated with poor outcomes of HCC. a The expression of WTAP mRNA was determined based on GEO datasets (GSE14520); b The expression of WTAP protein was analyzed by western blotting in 15 pairs of HCC tissues; (T: tumor; P: peritumor); c Representative IHC images of WTAP staining in HCC tumor or adjacent tissues (scale bar, 100 μm; magnification, 200X and 400X); d IHC scores of 90 pairs of HCC tissues in the TMA cohort based on WTAP staining; e Kaplan-Meier analysis of overall survival and disease free survival of 90 HCC patients (data from TMA); f Forest plots based upon the outcomes of multivariate analysis of several factors associated with OS and RFS of HCC patients. Note: The factors that were closely associated with clinical outcomes of HCC were adopted into a COX regression model. Therefore, the restriction of statistical significance (P < 0.05) may be properly broadened

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