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Fig. 7

From: Circular RNA circNHSL1 promotes gastric cancer progression through the miR-1306-3p/SIX1/vimentin axis

Fig. 7

MiR-1306-3p suppresses gastric cancer progression through directly targeting SIX1. a SIX1 expression is up-regulated in 77.05% (47/61) gastric cancer tissues. b Pearson correlation analysis determined the significantly negative correlation between the levels of miR-1306-3p and SIX1 in 61 paired gastric cancer tissues (p < 0.01). c and d The ISH scores of miR-1306-3p negatively correlated with the IHC scores of SIX1 in both normal gastric mucosa tissues (c) and gastric cancer tissues (d) of TMA. e and f The effects of miR-1306-3p and SIX1 on the mRNA and protein expressions of SIX1 and Vimentin were detected by qRT-PCR (e) and western blotting (f). g and h The effects of mimics (g) and inhibitor (h) of miR-1306-3p on the luciferase activities of wild type of SIX1 mRNA 3′-UTR (WT) and mutant SIX1 mRNA 3′-UTR (Mutant) were detected. i and j The effects of miR-1306-3p and SIX1 on the mobility, migration and invasion were detected by wound healing and transwell assays. All data are presented as the mean ± SEM of three experiments. **p < 0.01

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