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Fig. 3

From: LncRNA SATB2-AS1 inhibits tumor metastasis and affects the tumor immune cell microenvironment in colorectal cancer by regulating SATB2

Fig. 3

SATB2 is down-regulated in CRC and regulated by SATB2-AS1. a, SATB2 was detected by qRT-PCR after SATB2-AS1 knockdown in CRC cells. b, Expression of SATB2 in the TCGA CRC cohort, Hong CRC cohort, Marra CRC cohort and our CRC cohort 1. c, Representative images of SATB2 expression in CRC and adjacent colorectal tissues detected by IHC in our CRC cohort 1. d, Survival was analyzed and compared between patients with high and low SATB2 expression in indicated CRC cohorts by Kaplan-Meier method. e, Correlation analysis of the expression of SATB2-AS1 and SATB2 in indicated CRC cohorts. ***, P < 0.001

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