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Fig. 1

From: METTL3-mediated N6-methyladenosine modification is critical for epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of gastric cancer

Fig. 1

METTL3 is overexpressed and correlated with tumor survival and recurrence of GC patients. a-b The expression of m6A modifying enzymes in TCGA and GSE66229 GC cohorts. c The mRNA levels of METTL3 in 60 GC tissues and paired normal tissues (Cohort 1) were determined by qRT-PCR. d The mRNA levels of METTL3 in low clinical stage (I-II) and advanced-stage (III-IV) GC patients were analyzed. e mRNA m6A levels in 5 GC samples determined by LCMS/MS analysis. f Representative images of IHC staining for METTL3 protein on a TMA constructed from 120 GC tissues. Scale bars: 200 μm. g-h Upregulation of METTL3 was significantly associated with shorter OS and DFS in GC patients

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