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Table 3 Database for circRNA research

From: Biogenesis, functions and clinical significance of circRNAs in gastric cancer

Database URL Annotation Ref.
circBase A circRNA database contains circRNA information from multiple species. [38]
circRNABase Views the predicted miRNA-circRNA interactions by scanning circRNA sequences overlapping with CLIP-Seq peak. [134]
Circ2Traits A database of circular RNAs that may be associated with disease and traits. Predicts the interaction between miRNAs and genes, lncRNAs, and circRNAs. [135]
CircInteractome Predicts binding sites of proteins to circRNAs. Predicts potential binding sites for miRNAs-circRNAs interaction. [136]
CircNet New circRNA predictions and genome annotations performed using 464 RNA sequencing data. [137]
Deepbase Collects 18,000 small RNAs, 36,0000 lncRNAs and 100,000 circRNA genes (human, murine, fruit flies, nematodes, etc.). [138]
circRNADb The first database that summarises circRNAs that encode proteins. A total of 32,914 human exon circRNAs were collected. [139]
CIRCpedia Constructs by using CIRCexplorer2 for bioinformatic predictive analysis of circRNAs in tissues and cell lines. [140]
CSCD Collects circRNAs from tumour cell lines and normal cells from ENCODE. Predicts cellular localisation of circRNAs, MRE, RBP and variable splicing of related genes. [141]
circlncRNAnet Allows for a personalised analysis of lncRNAs, including lncRNA expression maps, gene function enrichment analysis maps, RBP-RNA network maps and miRNA network maps. [142]
circRNA disease CircRNA records include circRNA basic information, related disease information, circBase links and PubMed links. [143]