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Table 2 EMT-related circRNAs acting through WNT signaling

From: Functional roles of circular RNAs during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

circRNA Expression pattern Interaction with WNT signaling Sponged miRNA Cancer type Reference
CircRNA-100290 Up Activate miR-516b CRC [74]
CircRNA-NEK6 Up Activate miR-370-3p TC [75]
Circ_0000177 Up Activate miR-638 Glioma [76]
Circ_CBFB Up Activate miR-607 CLL [77]
Circ_0001946 Up Activate miR-13a-5p LAC [94]
CircRNA_102171 Up Activate PTC [99]
Circ_0006427 Down Inhibit miR-6783-3p LUAD [80]
Circ_0000523 Down Inhibit miR-31 CRC [81]
Circ-ITCH Down Inhibit miR-214 Glioma [90]
Circ-ITCH Down Inhibit miR-214, miR-17 TNBC [89]
Circ_0002052 Down Inhibit miR-1205 OS [85]
  1. CRC Colorectal cancer, TC Thyroid cancer, CLL Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, LAC/LUAD Lung adenocarcinoma, PTC Papillary thyroid cancer, TNBC Triple-negative breast cancer, OS Osteosarcoma