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Fig. 2

From: Exosomal miR-21 regulates the TETs/PTENp1/PTEN pathway to promote hepatocellular carcinoma growth

Fig. 2

Exosomal miR-21 regulates the expression of PTEN and PTENp1 in HCC cells. a SNU-449 cell exosomes stained with Dil were added to culture medium of Hep3B cells, and the cells were observed and imaged under a confocal microscope. Scale bar = 25 μm. b After adding exosomes obtained from hepatocytes (Exo-normal), SNU-449 cells (Exo-SNU-449), SNU-449 cells transfected with negative control (NC) miRNA (SNU-449-NC-Exo), SNU-449 cells transfected with miR-21 inhibitors (SNU-449-miR-21 I-Exo) or SNU-449 cells cultured with GW4869 (SNU-449-GW4869-Exo) to Hep3B or HepG2 cells for 24 h, miR-21 expression was measured by real-time qPCR analysis. c Hep3B cells were transfected with miR-21 inhibitors (miR-21 I) or a PTENp1 overexpression vector (PTENp1-O), then Exo-SNU-449 (Exo-S) were added to the cells, and PTEN and PTENp1 expression was measured by real-time qPCR analysis. (DF) After different treatments, PTEN (d and e), Akt and p-Akt (f) expression was measured by western blot analysis. Each bar represents the mean ± SD determined from three samples (*P < 0.01, vs. control)

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