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Fig. 7

From: Long noncoding RNA GAS5 inhibits progression of colorectal cancer by interacting with and triggering YAP phosphorylation and degradation and is negatively regulated by the m6A reader YTHDF3

Fig. 7

LncRNA GAS5 expression negatively correlates with YAP and YTHDF3 levels in CRC patient samples. a-b The ISH staining of GAS5 and IHC staining of YAP and YTHDF3 in tumor tissues and adjacent normal tissues of CRC paraffin-embedded samples. c The expression levels of GAS5, YAP and YTHDF3 in FFPE colon cancers and normal tissues were showed in indicated scattergram using ImageJ (n = 208). Data are shown as mean ± SD. ***P < 0.001. d-f Kaplan–Meier plot of overall survival of CRC patients with GAS5 (d), YAP (e) and YTHDF3 expression (f). g A schematic model for a negative feedback loop between YAP-binding lncRNA GAS5 and the m6A reader YTHDF3 in CRC tumor progression

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