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Fig. 3

From: CircPLEKHM3 acts as a tumor suppressor through regulation of the miR-9/BRCA1/DNAJB6/KLF4/AKT1 axis in ovarian cancer

Fig. 3

CircPLEKHM3 targets miR-9. a qRT-PCR analysis of circPLEKHM3 and PLEKHM3 expression in nuclear and cytosolic fractions of OV90 cells. U6, GAPDH, and β-actin were used for quality control. b Luciferase report vector of wild-type (WT) and mutant (Mut) circPLEKHM3. The highlighted sequences represent miR-9 seed sequences or sequences that are complementary to miR-9 seed sequences. In the Mut vector, the miR-9 binding sites in circPLEKHM3 were mutated on psiCHECK™-2 Vectors. c Luciferase activity of LUC-circPLEKHM3 wild types and mutants in OV90 cells transfected with miR-9 mimic and negative control mimic. d RNA immunoprecipitation assay to measure the amount of circPLEKHM3 and PLEKHM3 pull downed by AGO2 and IgG antibodies in OV90 cells. e RNA fluorescence in-situ hybridization for circPLEKHM3 and miR-9 in A2780 and OV90 cells. f Cell growth and (g) migration assays were performed in circPLEKHM3 knockdown A2780 and OV90 cells transfected with miR-9 inhibitor and negative control (NC). Migration assays were measured 24 h after transfection

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