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Table 2 MiRNAs and adriamycin resistance in HCC

From: The emerging role of microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in drug resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma

MiRNAs Expression1 Pathway Reference
Let-7a up-regulated Caspase–3 [76]
miR-519d up-regulated CDKN1A/p21, PTEN, AKT3, TIMP2 [77]
miR-26a/b down-regulated ULK1 [78]
miR-26b down-regulated TAK1, TAB3 [79]
miR-520b down-regulated ATG7 [80]
miR-491-3p down-regulated Sp3/ABCB1 [81]
miR-122 down-regulated MDR1 [82]
ABCB1; ABCF2 [83]
PKM2 [84]
miR-31 down-regulated NDRG3 [85]
miR-223 down-regulated ABCB1 [86]
miR-133a,miR-326 down-regulated ABCC1 [87]
miR-101 down-regulated EZH2 [88]
Mcl-1 [89]
miR-199a-3p down-regulated mTOR, c-Met [90]
miR-215 down-regulated DHFR, TS [91]
miR-145 down-regulated Smad3 [92]
miR-503 down-regulated MDR1, MRP, ERCC1, Bcl-2 [93]
  1. 1miRNAs either up-regulated or down-regulated in adriamycin resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells
  2. Note: This table shows 17 miRNAs, their expression level and potential targets in adriamycin resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma