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Table 3 Anti-AXL monoclonal antibodies and nucleotide aptamers currently being investigated

From: AXL receptor tyrosine kinase as a promising anti-cancer approach: functions, molecular mechanisms and clinical applications

Name Type Target Indications Phase of clinical trials
YW327.6S2 Monoclonal antibody AXL NSCLC, breast cancer Preclinical
D9 Monoclonal antibody AXL Pancreatic cancer Preclinical
E8 Monoclonal antibody AXL Pancreatic cancer Preclinical
MAb173 Monoclonal antibody AXL Kaposi sarcoma Preclinical
AXL-107-MMAE Antibody-drug conjugate AXL Melanoma Preclinical
64Cu-anti-hAXL 64Cu-labeled anti-human antibody AXL Breast cancer Preclinical
Axl specific CAR and SynNotch receptor CAR and synNotch receptors AXL Leukemia Preclinical
GL21.T RNA nucleotide aptamer AXL NSCLC Preclinical
GL21.T/miR-34c chimera conjugate of miR-34c and GL21.T AXL NSCLC Preclinical
DNA AXL-APTAMER DNA nucleotide aptamer AXL Ovarian cancer Preclinical
  1. Abbreviation: NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer