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Table 2 Comparison of coinhibitory immune checkpoint receptors mentioned in manuscript

From: Novel immune checkpoint targets: moving beyond PD-1 and CTLA-4

Alternate name CD223 HAVCR2 WUCAM/ Vstm3/ Vsig9 PD-1H/DD1α/ Gi24/Dies1/B7-H5 CD276 CD272
Chromosomal location 12p13.32 5q33.2 3q13.31 10q22.1 15q24.1 3q13.2
Function of ligand-receptor interaction Co-inhibition Co-inhibition Co-inhibition Co-inhibition Co-inhibition or co-stimulation Co-inhibition
Binding Partner MHC-II, galectin-3, LSECtin, a-synuclein, FGL1 Galectin-9, Ceacam-1, HMGB-1, PtdSer CD155, CD112 VSIG-3 Unknow HVEM
Number of amino acids 498 amino acids 302 amino acids 244 amino acids 311 amino acids 316 amino acids 289 amino acids
Signaling motif KIEELE motif Tyrosine residues ITT and ITIM Unknow Unknow ITIM and ITSM
Receptor Expression Activated T cells, B cells, Tregs, NK cells, DCs Activated T cells, B cells, Tregs, DCs, NK cells, monocytes T cells, NK cells Myeloid cells, T cells Activated T cells, NK cells, DCs, monocytes, tumor tissue Mature B cells, T cells, Tregs, macrophages, DCs