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Table 1 Effect of miRNAs, LNCRNAs and Circular RNAs on molecular mechanisms of FOXP family proteins and their related genes in several cancers

From: Molecular networks of FOXP family: dual biologic functions, interplay with other molecules and clinical implications in cancer progression

 Expression LevelRelated geneFunctionMolecular mechanismcancercell lineReferences
Tumor Suppressor miRNAs
 microRNA-181d-5pdownFOXP1↓cell proliferation↓ metastasis↓ EMT↓miR-181d-5p-FOXP1 feedback loopOsteosarcomaMG63, SaOS2 U2OS, HOS1
 microRNA-374b-5pdownFOXP1 ↓cell proliferation↓ migration↓ EMT↓ cisplatin sensitivity↑miR-374b-5p-FOXP1 feedback loopOvarianSKOV3, 3AO A2780, OVCAR32
 microRNA-122downFOXP1 ↓apoptosis ↑crosstalkHCCHepG23
 microRNA-150downFOXP1 ↓cell proliferation ↓Myc↑ → miR-150↓ → Foxp1↑trnasformation of FL to DLBCLpatient sample4
 microRNA-504downFOXP1 ↓cell proliferation↓ cell cycle arrest↑ apoptosis↑FOXP1 as a direct target of miR-504GliomasU87, U373, U251,T98G, LN18, LN229, SF2955
 microRNA-9downFOXP1 ↓tumorgenityΔEGFR/Ras/PI3K/AKT axis → miR-9↓ → FOXP1↑GlioblastomaU87, U373 ΔEGFR cells6
 microRNA-34adownFOXP1 ↓malignant transformation ↓Myc↑ → miR-34a↓ → Foxp1↑Gastric DLBCLU29327
 microRNA-376-adownFOXP2 ↓cell proliferation↓ apoptosis↑cyclin D2↓, cyclin A↓, Bax↑ and Bcl-2↓.LymphomaJeKo-18
 microRNA-139downFOXP2 ↓proliferation↓migration↓FOXP2 is a direct target of miR-139OsteosarcomaSAOS-2 MG639
 microRNA-7 microRNA-155 induced by FOXP3Transformation of the healthy breast epithelium to a cancerous phenotype↓FOXP3 and FOXP3-regulated microRNAs → SATB1↓BreastBT54912
 microRNA-146 Induced by FOXP3proliferation↓ apoptosis↑FOXP3 → miR-146a/b↑→ NF-κB activation↓ by repressing Irak1 and Traf6BreastT47D, BT474, MDA-MB-46810
 microRNA-146 induced by FOXP3apoptosis ↑ during tumor initiation tumor supressionFOXP3 → miR-146a/b↑→ NF-κB activation↓ by repressing Irak1 and Traf6ProstatePC3 DU145 LNCaP11
 microRNA-338-3pdownFOXP4 ↓proliferation↓ cell cycle arrest↑miR-338-3p could directly target FOXP4HCCHepG2 Hep3B,QGY770313
 microRNA-491-5pdownFOXP4 ↓proliferation↓ migration↓ invasion↓ apoptosis↑FOXP4 is a target of miR-491-5pOsteosarcomaSAOS-2 MG63,U-2OS14
 microRNA-138downFOXP4↓growth↓ invasion↓miR-138 was the upstream regulator of FOXP4NSCLCSK-MES-1, A549, H460, SPC-A115.1/15.2
Oncogenic miRNAs
 microRNA-92aupFOXP1↓cell proliferation↑cell cycle progression↑ tumor growth↑FOXP1 was identified as a functional downstream target of miR-92aOSCCHSC3, OC3, SSC25 Tca-811316
 microRNA-504up (stage lll, lV)FOXP1↓invasion ↑ metastasis ↑CTGF → miR-504↓ → FOXP1↑OSCCSAS18
 microRNA-19aupFOXP1↓cell viability↑ colony formation↑ migration↑ invasion↑miR-19a↑ → FOXP1, TP53INP1, TNFAIP3, and TUSC2↓LungLK7917
 microRNA-196bupFOXP2 ↓migration ↑ invasion ↑miR 196b could directly bind to the 3'UTR of FOXP2mRNAHCCHCCLM3, Huh7 Hep3B, MHCC97H19
 microRNA-23aupFOXP2 ↓proliferation↑ invasion↑miR-23a directly targets FOXP2PDACAspc-1, Capan-2, Bxpc-3, Panc-1, MIA-Paca-2, SW199020
 microRNA-190upFOXP2↓invasion ↑ migration ↑proliferation↑the direct target regulation of miR-190 to FOXP2GastricGC tissue21
 microRNA-155upinduced by FOXP3Tumor initiaionFOXP3 → BRCA1↓ → miR-155↑BreastBreast tissue22
 MALAT1upFOXP1↑proliferatin↑ cell grotwh ↑ apoptosis↓ G1/S phase ↓MALAT1↑ → Foxp1↑ through sponging mir-509-5pmultiple myelomaMM.1S, OPM-2, NCL-H929, U266, RPMI-822623
 SNHG12upFOXP1↑proliferation↑ apoptosis↓ cell growth↑ migration↑SNHG12/miR-101-3p/FOXP1 axisGliomaU87 U251, A172, SHG4424
 UFC1upFOXP3↑cell proliferation↑ migration↑ invasion↑ apoptosis↓E2F1-linc-UFC1/miR-34a/FOXP3 axixCervicalHela sila25
 7SLupinhibited by FOXP3tumor growthFOXP3 → 7SL↓ → P53↑ feedback loopBreastMCF-7 MCF10A26
 MFI2upFOXP4↑proliferation↑ apoptosis↓ migration↑ invasion↑correlation between MFI2 expression and FOXP4 expressionOsteosarcomaMG63 SAOS-227
 Circular RNAs       
 Circ-SHKBP1upFOXP1↑ FOXP2↑angiogenesis ↑circ-SHKBP1 → miR-544a/miR-379 ↓ → FOXP1 FOXP2↑→ AGGF1↑→ PI3K/AKT ERK1/2 ↑Malignant gliomasGECs28
 CircRNAZNF609upFOXP4↑proliferaion↑ invasion↑CircRNAZNF609↑ → FOXP4↑ by sponging miR-138-5pRenal carcinomaA-498, ACHN29
 CircMYO9BupFOXP4↑proliferaion↑ invasion↑ migration↑CircMYO9B↑ → FOXP4↑ by sponging miR-4316BreastMCF-7 MDA-MB-23130