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Table 3 Univariate and Multivariate Analyses of Factors Associated with Cumulative Recurrence

From: Circular RNA circFGFR1 promotes progression and anti-PD-1 resistance by sponging miR-381-3p in non-small cell lung cancer cells

FactorsCumulative Recurrence
Univariate, PMultivariate
HR95% CIP value
Sex (Female vs. Male)0.414  NA
Age (years) (≤ 60 vs. >  60)0.871  NA
Smoking status (Smokers vs. Nonsmokers)0.332  NA
Histological type (SCC vs. Adenocarcinomas)0.087  NA
Lymph node metastasis (Yes vs. No)0.074  NA
Differentiation (Well and moderate vs. Poor)0.062  NA
Tumor size (diameter, cm) (>  3 vs. ≤ 3)0.037  NS
TNM (III-IV vs. I-II)0.016  NS
CircFGFR1 expression (High vs. Low)0.0061.4431.077–2.8240.023
  1. NA Not adopted, NS Not significantly, SCC Squamous cell carcinoma, 95%CI 95% confidence interval, HR hazard ratio; Cox proportional hazards regression model