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Table 3 The emerging role and mechanistic axis of circRNAs associated with drug resistance in various tumours

From: Circular RNAs in the tumour microenvironment

CircRNA name Expression Function Cancer types Biological activities Clinical correlation Molecular axis
circ-PVT1 Upregulated oncogene Osteosarcoma Resistance to doxorubicin and cisplatin Enneking stage, lung metastasis, overall survival circ-PVT1/ABCB1
hsa_circ_0004015 Upregulated oncogene Non-small cell lung cancer Resistance to gefitinib, Proliferation, colony-formation ability, invasion Differentiation grade, tumor invasion, TNM stage hsa_circ_0004015/miR-1183/PDPK1
circ_0006528 Upregulated oncogene Breast cancer Resistance to adriamycin, DNA synthesis, proliferation, invasion, migration, cell cycle, apoptosis TNM stage, relapse-free survival, overall survival circ_0006528/miR-7-5p/
hsa_circ_0000504 Upregulated / Colorectal cancer Resistance to 5-fluorouracil / hsa_circ_0000504/
hsa_circ_0043632 Upregulated / Non-small cell lung cancer Resistance to EGFR-TKI inhibitor AZD9291 / hsa_circ_0043632/miR-492/
circ-MTO1 Downregulated / Breast cancer Resistance to monastrol, proliferation / circ-MTO1/TRAF4/Eg5
hsa-circ-0001258 Downregulated / Osteosarcoma Resistance to doxorubicin / hsa-circ-0001258/
CircPAN3 / / AML Resistance to doxorubicin / circPAN3/miR-153-5p / miR-183-5p-XIAP