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Table 2 Online databases

From: Functions and clinical significance of circular RNAs in glioma

Name Website Description References
Circ2Traits A disease-associated circRNA database providing putative interaction networks miRNA-mRNA [140]
circBase A comprehensive unified database of circRNA expression with potential identifying novel circRNAs [141]
CircNet A database generating an tissue-specific expression and integrated network between circRNA, miRNA and gene [142]
circInteractome A web tool exploring miRNA and RBP binding sites on specific circRNA [143]
StarBasev2 (ENCORI) A database identifying RNA-RNA and protein-RNA interactions [144]
CIRCpedia v2 A database used to browse, and download alternative back-splicing events with expression characteristics in various cell types/tissues, including disease samples [145]
circRNADb A comprehensive database for human circular RNAs with protein-coding annotations. [64]
CSCD a database for the first comprehensive cancer-specific circRNA [146]
exoRBase A web-accessible database providing the annotation, expression level and possible original tissues in human blood exosomes [147]
MiOncoCirc MiOncoCirc provides a reference of the circular RNA landscape across 40 cancer types. [10]
CircAtlas A study of circRNA’s variable splicing, conservativeness and relationship with linear RNA [148]