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Table 1 LncRNAs-induced cell death in drug - resistant cancer cells

From: Long non-coding RNAs regulate drug resistance in cancer

LncRNACancer typeDrug resistantMechanismsRef
ERICOsteosarcomaEtoposideERIC inhibits DNA damage-induced apoptosis[34]
PDAMOligodendroglial tumorCisplatinLoss of PDAM inhibits apoptosis by increasing the expression of BCL-2[35]
PCGEM1Prostate cancerDOXOverexpression of PCGEM1 inhibits apoptosis by suppressing the activation of caspase 7[36]
CUDRBladder cancerCisplatinOverexpression of CUDR suppresses DNA damage-induced apoptosis[37]
DDSR1Non-small cell lung cancerCisplatinDDSR1 inhibits DNA damage-induced apoptosis by promoting DNA repair with homologous recombination[43]
HOTAIRNon-small cell lung cancerCisplatinHOTAIR contributes to cisplatin resistance via downregulation of P21[58]
SCAL1Non-small cell lung cancerGefitinibSCAL1 is overexpressed in lung cancer cells with elevated expression of NrF2[53, 54]