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Table 1 The genome-wide expression profiles of CRC patients used in this study

From: MIR22HG acts as a tumor suppressor via TGFβ/SMAD signaling and facilitates immunotherapy in colorectal cancer

TCGA-COADGDC478 cancer and 41 normal samples
TCGA-READGDC166 cancer and 10 normal samples
Reumers et al.GSE11760665 normal, 59 adenoma and 74 tumors
Kim et al.GSE5076018 normal, 18 tumor and 18 metastasis patients
Sheffer et al.GSE4125854 normal, 186 tumor, 47 liver and 20 lung metastasis patients
Marra et al.GSE867132 normal and 32 tumors
Uddin et al.GSE2387824 normal and 35 tumors
Skrzypczak et al.GSE2091634 normal, 45 adenoma and 36 adenocarcinoma
Matsuyama et al.GSE1810517 normal, 17 tumor and 77 laser-capture microdissection patients
Smith et al.GSE17536177 patient with overall survival and disease-free survival
Jorissen et al.GSE14333226 patients with survival time