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Table 1 Roles of circRNA in different cancers

From: The role of N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification in the regulation of circRNAs

Functions CircRNA Cancer Dysregulation References
MiRNA sponge circ_0026134 Lung cancer Up [61]
circ_0005963 Colorectal cancer Up [62]
circ_000684 Gastric cancer Up [63]
circ_0051443 Hepatocellular cancer Down [64]
Binding to protein circ-Amotl1 Breast cancer Up [65]
circ-Foxo3 Breast cancer Down [66]
circ-ZKSCAN1 Hepatocellular cancer Down [67]
Translation template circ-FBXW7 Glioblastoma Down [68]
circ-SHPRH Glioblastoma Down [69]
circ-PPP1R12A Colon cancer Up [70]
circ-β-catenin Liver cancer Up [71]