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Table 2 The feasible combination therapy to enhance PARPi sensitivity and overcome PARPi resistance

From: PARP inhibitor resistance: the underlying mechanisms and clinical implications

Combination therapy Trials NCT Phase Treatment Status Study population
PARPi-oHSVs combination No      
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT00649207 I Veliparib + WBRTa Completed Solid tumors with brain metastases
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT01264432 I Veliparib + IR Completed Peritoneal carcinomatosis; fallopian tube, ovarian and primary peritoneal cancers
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT01589419 I Veliparib + capecitabine + IR Completed Locally advanced rectal cancer
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT02412371 I/II Veliparib + Paclitaxel/Carboplatin + IR Completed Stage III NSCLCb
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT01386385 I/II Veliparib + Paclitaxel/Carboplatin + IR Active, not recruiting Stage III NSCLC
PARPi-IR combination Yes NCT01618357 I Veliparib + IR Recruiting Breast cancer
PARPi-CDKi combination No      
PARPi-immunotherapy Yes NCT02734004 I/II Olaparib + MED14736 Active, not recruiting Ovarian, breast, SCLC cand gastric cancers
PARPi-immunotherapy Yes NCT03824704 II Rucaparib + Nivolumab Active, not recruiting Epithelia ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, primary peritoneal cancer, HGSCd and endometrioid adenocarcinoma
PARPi-immunotherapy Yes NCT02849496 II Olaparib + Atezolizumab Recruiting Locally advanced unresectable; metastatic non-HER2-positive breast cancer
PARPi- epigenetic drugs No      
PARPi- HSP90 inhibitors No      
PARPi-WEE1 inhibitors Yes NCT03579316 II Olaparib + AZD1775 Recruiting Recurrent fallopian tube, ovarian and primary peritoneal cancers
PARPi-WEE1 inhibitors Yes NCT04197713 I Olaparib + AZD1775 Not yet recruiting Advanced solid tumors with selected mutations and PARP Resistance
PARPi-WEE1 inhibitors Yes NCT02576444 II Olaparib + AZD1775 Active, not recruiting Tumors harboring either TP53 or KRAS mutations or mutations in KRAS and TP53
PARPi-WEE1 inhibitors Yes NCT02511795 I Olaparib + AZD1775 Completed Refractory solid tumors; Relapsed SCLC
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT02576444 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Active, not recruiting Tumors harboring mutations leading to dysregulation of the PI3K/AKT pathway
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT04065269 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Recruiting Gynaecological cancers
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03787680 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Recruiting Prostate cancer
PARPi-WEE1/ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03330847 II Olaparib + AZD6738/ AZD1775 Recruiting Metastatic triple negative breast cancer
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03878095 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Recruiting IDH1 and IDH2 mutant tumors
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03462342 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Recruiting HGSC
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03428607 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Active, not recruiting SCLC
PARPi-ATR inhibitors Yes NCT03682289 II Olaparib + AZD6738 Recruiting Clear cell renal cell cancer; Metastatic renal cell cancer; Metastatic urothelial cancer; Metastatic pancreatic cancer; Locally advanced pancreatic cancer
  1. aWBRT: Whole Brain Radiation Therapy; bNSCLC: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; cSCLC: Small Cell Lung Cancer; dHGSC: High Grade Serous Carcinoma