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Table 2 Infiltration of NK cells in different cancer types and its influence on clinical outcome

From: Natural killer cells in cancer biology and therapy

Cancer type Sample Detection method Marker Clinical outcome Ref.
Pancreatic cancer Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD16+CD56+ Adverse OS [112]
Colorectal cancer Tumor IHC CD57+ Favorable OF and DFS [113]
Lymph node IHC CD56+ Favorable RFS [114]
Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD16+CD56+ Favorable OS [115]
Chronic myeloid leukemia Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD16+CD56dim Favorable molecular RFS after imatinib discontinuation [116]
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD16+ and/or CD56+ Favorable OS [117]
Follicular lymphoma Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD56+ and/or CD16+ Favorable OS [118]
Mantle cell lymphoma Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD16+ and/or CD56+ Adverse OS and PFS [119]
Liver cancer Tumor IF CD56+PD1+ Adverse survival [120]
Tumor IHC NKG2A+ Adverse OS and DFS [46]
Tumor Flow cytometry CD3CD56+CD49a+ Adverse OS and DFS [121]
Tumor Flow cytometry CD3CD56+CD96+ Adverse DFS [56]
Prostate cancer Blood Flow cytometry CD3CD56+ NKp30+ or NKp46+ Favorable OS [122]
Lung cancer Blood Flow cytometry CD56dimCD16+NKp46+ Favorable OS [123]
Blood qRT-PCR NKp30 Adverse OS and PFS [124]
Tumor IF CD56+ and/or CD16+ Favorable OS [125]
Breast cancer Tumor IHC CD3CD56+ Favorable DFS [126]
Tumor IHC CD56+ Adverse OS [127]
Gastric cancer Tumor IHC NKG2D+ Favorable OS [128]
Bladder cancer Tumor Flow cytometry CD45+CD14CD19CD3ILT3cKITCD56bright Favorable OS and CSS [129]
  1. Abbreviations: IHC immunohistochemistry, IF immunofluorescence, qRT-PCR quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction, OS overall survival, RFS recurrence-free survival, PFS progression-free survival, DFS disease-free survival, CSS cancer-specific survival