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Table 2 ATG proteins of mammals in the core machinery of autophagosome formation

From: Autophagy and autophagy-related proteins in cancer

ComplexComponentsRoles of the proteins in the core machinery
The ULK kinase core complexULK1/2Protein kinase and recruitment of ATG proteins to the PAS
ATG13ULK-binding protein and linker between ULK1/2 and FIP200
RB1CC1/FIP200Scaffold protein for ULK1/2 and ATG13
ATG101ATG13-binding protein
The class III PI3K complex IVPS34PtdIns 3-kinase catalytic subunit
VPS15Serine/Threonine protein kinase
Beclin1Component of PtdIns3K complex I and II
ATG14LComponent of PtdIns3K complex I
The ATG9A/ATG2-WIPI1/2 trafficking systemATG9ATransmembrane protein required for autophagosome formation
WIPI1/2PtdIns3P-binding protein
ATG2AInteracts with WIPI1/2
The ATG12-conjugation systemATG12Ubiquitin-like protein conjugated to ATG5
ATG7E1-like enzyme
ATG10E2-like enzyme
ATG5Conjugated by ATG12
ATG16L1Interacts with ATG12 and ATG5
The LC3-conjugation systemLC3A-C, GABARAPs, GATE-16Ubiquitin-like protein conjugated to PE
ATG7E1-like enzyme
ATG3E2-like enzyme
ATG4A-DLC3 carboxy-terminal protease, and deconjugating