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Table 1 miRNAs mediated regulation of BCBM

From: microRNAs Orchestrate Pathophysiology of Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis: Advances in Therapy

miRNA Targets Regulation References
 miR-8084 ING2, p53-BAX upregulated [16]
 miR-484 PAX-5 upregulated [19]
 miR-708-3p ZEB1, CDH2 and vimentin downregulated [17]
 miR-210 E-cadherin (ORF), PAX-5 upregulated [19]
 miR-142-3p Bach-1, CXCR4, MMP9, and VEGFR downregulated [18]
 miR-199a/214 Slug downregulated [51]
 miR-3178 Notch1 downregulated [52]
 miR-212-5p Prrx2 downregulated [53]
 miR-200 family
ADAM12-L downregulated [54]
 miR-126 VEGF/PI3K/AKT axis, MAPK downregulated [30]
 miR-520/373 ANGPTL4, PTHrP, PAI-1 downregulated [25]
 miR-204 ANGPT1 and TGFβR2 downregulated [24]
 miR-200 family IL-8 and CXCL1 downregulated [27]
 miR-105 ZO-1 downregulated [29]
Intravascular Microenvironment
 miR-141 Protection in circulation upregulated [31]
 miR-183 DAP12/NK cells downregulated [32]
Extravasation in Brain Microenvironment
 miR-7, let-7c, miR-21 FasL, SERPIN1 upregulated [55]
 miR-200c FAP-1 downregulated [56]
 miR-206 Cx43 downregulated [57]
 miR-19a, miR-32,miR-124a, miR-130b, miR-148a, and miR-583 PCTH7 downregulated [58]
 miR-125a/b-5p ET-1 downregulated [59]
 miR-1266, miR-185 and miR-30c BCL2L1 downregulated [60]
 miR-151-3p TWIST1 downregulated [61]
 miR-17 ICAM-1and E-Selectin downregulated [62]
 miR-126 and miR-1185 VCAM1 downregulated [63]
 miR-483-5p ALCAM downregulated [64]
 miR-21-3p L1CAM upregulated [34]
 miR-212 HBEGF downregulated [65]
 miR-655 COX2 downregulated [66]
 miR-200b, 200c ST6GALNAC5 downregulated [67, 68]
BBB Regulation
 miR-181c PDPK1 upregulated [69]
 miR-143 PUMA upregulated [35]
 miR-125a-5p ICAM-1 downregulated [38]
 miR-1258 HPSE downregulated [40]
 miR-210 Occludin, β-catenin upregulated [37]
Cross Talk and Niche Formation
 miR-26a PTEN
upregulated [70, 71]
 miR-19a PTEN upregulated [42]
 miR-345 KISS1 upregulated [72]
 miR-124, miR-155, miR-689 Associated with M1 phenotype of microglia upregulated [73]
 miR-711 and miR-145 Associated with M2 phenotype of microglia upregulated [73]
 miR-503 L1CAM
trigger M1–M2
polarization of microglia
upregulated [41]
Metabolic Reprogramming
 miR-122 PKM2 , GLUT-1 upregulated [74]
 miR-155 PIK3R1-PDK/AKT-FOXO3a-cMYC axis downregulated [75]
 miR-7 RelA upregulated [76]
 miR-200 family (miR-200a,200b, 200c, miR-141, and miR-429) ZEB1 and ZEB2 upregulated [43, 44]
 miR-147 ZEB1 upregulated  
 miR-126 IGFBP2, PITPNC1 and MERTK downregulated [77]