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Table 2 Clinical trials with mRNA vaccines against viral diseases

From: mRNA vaccine: a potential therapeutic strategy

Infectious disease tpye/ Virus type NCT number Drug administration Phase Status
SARS-CoV-2 NCT04523571 BNT162b1 + placebo I Recruiting
NCT04449276 CVnCoV Vaccine+placebo I Recruiting
NCT04470427 mRNA-1273 + placebo III Recruiting
NCT04368728 BNT162b1 + BNT162b2 I/II/III Recruiting
NCT04515147 CVnCoV IIA Not yet recruiting
NCT04283461 mRNA-1273 I Active, not recruiting
NCT04405076 mRNA-1273 + placebo IIA Active, not recruiting
Rabies NCT02241135 CV7201 mRNA encoding the rabies virus glycoprotein I Completed
NCT03713086 Rabipur® I Active, not recruiting
HIV-1 Infection NCT00833781 mRNA-transfected autologous DCs+/− autologous DCs with no mRNA transfection I/II Completed
NCT02413645 TriMix mRNA+/−HIV mRNA I Completed
NCT02888756 iHIVARNA-01 + TriMix+/−Placebo IIA Terminated
Zika Virus NCT03014089 mRNA-1325 + placebo I Completed
NCT04064905 mRNA-1893 + placebo I Active, not recruiting
Tuberculosis NCT01669096 GSK 692342 II Completed
Human Metapneumovirus and Human Parainfluenza Infection NCT03392389 mRNA-1653 + placebo I Completed
NCT04144348 mRNA-1653 + placebo Ib Recruiting
Ebola Virus Disease NCT02485912 two separate mRNAs encoding two Zaire strain Ebola glycoproteins, respectively I Completed
Influenza NCT03076385 VAL-506440 + placebo I Completed
Respiratory Syncytial Virus NCT04528719 mRNA-1345 + placebo I Not yet recruiting
Cytomegalovirus Infection NCT03382405 mRNA-1647, mRNA-1443 I Active, not recruiting
NCT04232280 mRNA-1647 + placebo II Active, not recruiting