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Table 3 List of all active, completed or terminated clinical trials of mRNA antibodies and immunomodulators in cancer therapy

From: mRNA therapeutics in cancer immunotherapy

Sponsor Therapy (delivery route) Indication identifier (phase, allocation) Combination Opened Status
 Duke University DC with GITRL/anti-CTLA-4 mAb mRNA (i.n.) Metastatic melanoma NCT01216436 (I) Melanoma TAA mRNA transfected DCs 2010 Terminated (lack of personnel)
  Medimmune LLC, Moderna TX Inc. LNP with IL-12 mRNA (i.t.) Solid tumors NCT03946800 (I) Durvalumab 2019 Recruiting
  Moderna TX Inc., AstraZeneca LNP with OX40L, IL-23 and IL-36γ mRNA (i.t.) Relapsed/refractory solid tumor malignancies or lymphoma, TNBC, HNSCC, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, urothelial cancer NCT03739931 (I) Durvalumab 2018 Recruiting [182]
  Sanofi, BioNTech SE scIL-12, IL-15sushi, IFNα and GM-CSF mRNA (i.t.) Metastatic neoplasms NCT03871348 (II, non-randomized) Cemiplimab 2019 Recruiting
Stimulatory ligands and receptors
  eTheRNA Immunotherapies Nv. TriMix (CD70, CD40L, caTLR4) mRNA and TAA mRNA (i.n.) Melanoma NCT03394937 (I) None 2018 Recruiting
  Moderna TX Inc. LNP-OX40L mRNA (i.t.) Relapsed/refractory solid tumor malignancies or lymphoma, ovarian cancer NCT03323398 (I/II, non-randomized) Durvalumab 2017 Recruiting
  Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, eTheRNA Immunotherapies Nv. TriMix (CD70, CD40L, caTLR4) mRNA (i.t.) Early resectable breast cancer NCT03788083 (I) None 2018 Recruiting
  1. From (keywords: cancer AND mRNA AND immunomodulator OR cytokine OR co-stimulator OR antibody) on Dec 1, 2020 and PubMed literature search. ca constitutively active, CD40L CD40 ligand, CTLA-4 cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4, DC dendritic cell, GITRL glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor family-related protein ligand, GM-CSF granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor, HNSCC head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, i.n. intranodal, i.t. intratumoral, IFN interferon, IL interleukin, LNP lipid nanoparticle, mAb monoclonal antibody, OX40L OX40 ligand, sc single-chain, TAA tumor-associated antigen, TLR toll-like receptor, TNBC triple-negative breast cancer