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Table 1 Potential drugs with cancer indications for treatment of COVID-19

From: The intersection of COVID-19 and cancer: signaling pathways and treatment implications

Drugs Targets Cancer indication Antiviral indication Clinical trial identifier
Anti-cytokine therapies
SINE compounds (Selinexor; Verdinexor) XPO1 Multiple myeloma [90,91,92], non-Hodgkin lymphoma [92], acute myeloid leukemia [93, 94], solid tumors [84, 95] Influenza viruses [87] NCT04349098, NCT04349098, NCT04355676
Acalabrutinib BTK Specific B cell malignancies [96, 97] COVID-19 [98] NCT04394884, NCT04380688, NCT04346199, NCT04647669
Corticosteroids (Dexamethasone; Hydrocortisone; Methylprednisolone) TNF-α Hematological malignancies [99] COVID-19 [100, 101] NCT04648410, NCT04654416, NCT04359511, NCT04530409, NCT04586114, NCT04451174, NCT04484493, NCT04344288
Tocilizumab IL-6R Various cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and colitis-associated colorectal cancer [102,103,104] COVID-19 [105,106,107] NCT04320615, NCT04372186, NCT04370834
Siltuximab Various cancers, such as ovarian cancer, lung cancer [108, 109] COVID-19 [110] NCT04486521, NCT04330638, NCT04329650
Ruxolitinib JAK1/2 myeloproliferative neoplasms [111] COVID-19 [112, 113] NCT0435579, NCT04362137, NCT04377620, NCT04334044, NCT04337359, NCT04338958, NCT04348695, NCT04354714
Baricitinib Non-melanoma skin cancer [114] COVID-19 [115, 116] NCT04358614, NCT04340232, NCT04373044, NCT04393051, NCT04320277, NCT04399798, NCT04346147, NCT04362943
Interferon-based therapies
IFNα or IFNβ N/A Hematological cancers [117] Hepatitis B and C HIV [118] COVID-19 [119,120,121] NCT04344600, NCT04350671, NCT04343768. NCT04343976, NCT04254874, NCT04320238, ChiCTR2000029387, NCT04315948, NCT04276688
Androgen-deprivation therapies
Enzalutamide Androgen receptor (AR) Prostate cancer [122] COVID-19 [3] NCT04475601
Apalutamide N/A
Darolutamide N/A
Proxalutamide NCT04446429, NCT04728802
Bicalutamide NCT04509999
Camostat TMPRSS2 NCT04652765
Nafamostat NCT04418128, NCT04390594, NCT04352400, NCT04628143, NCT04623021, NCT04473053
Bromhexine NCT04355026, NCT04405999, NCT04424134
Immune checkpoint inhibitors
Pembrolizumab PD-1 Various cancers [123,124,125] HIV [126]
HBV/HCV [127, 128]
COVID-19 [129]
Nivolumab NCT04413838, NCT04356508, NCT04343144
Monalizumab NKG2A Various cancers such as ovarian cancer, squamous cervical cancer, and epithelial endometrial cancer [130] COVID-19 [131] NCT04333914
Avdoralimab C5aR Solid tumors such as cervical cancer and breast cancer [132, 133] COVID-19 [134] NCT04333914