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Table 2 Clinical studies involving patients with ovarian cancer

From: The role of distinct BRD4 isoforms and their contribution to high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma pathogenesis

BET inhibitor Malignancy eligibility Response Ref.
INCB054329 HGSOC (solid tumors) PD as best response [23]
INCB057643 BRCAWT HGSOC (solid tumors) PD as best response [23]
ODM-207 HGSOC No result reported for HGSOC [24]
RO6870810 Advanced OC No result reported [25]
BMS-986158 BRCAWT OC (advanced tumors) Under development, no results yet [26]
ZEN-3694 Platinum-resistant OC and refractory OC Not yet recruiting [27]
  1. Abbreviations: HGSOC high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma; WT wild type; OC ovarian carcinoma; PD progressive disease